Employer Services

Direct Hire

We specialize in the permanent placement of IT professionals ranging from Help Desk and Jr. Programmers to Senior IT Leadership.  Our Intelligent Recruiting™ process ensures that you receive the most qualified resources for your opening. Guaranteed.


We provide time and materials resume sourcing services for exempt and non-exempt hourly positions.

Hourly Solutions

We provide fully funded hourly solutions to cover every form of temporary and per diem staffing scenario you may present us with.  

Candidate Types  

CareerFactor can customize our candidate search according to your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Permanent Employee
Direct Hire

  • Usually a key organizational hire – individual contributor, PM or supervisor
  • Usually salaried or exempt hourly
  • Recruitment focuses on a strong behavioral match with specific skills relevancy
  • Demonstrated subject matter expertise
  • Specific industry experience
  • Tenure

Right to Hire
Hourly with Contract Term Limit

  • Often a stop gap measure if there is no budget for a permanent headcount
  • Used to ‘prove’ base line technical skills before offering perm
  • Good for reach into candidate pools where there is high turnover
  • Uses a pre-determined contract term - 3 or 6 months is typical
  • Hourly rate is marked-up so there is no conversion fee after term has ended

Hourly Per Diem
Hourly No Contract Term Limit

  • Used for staff augmentation with no expectation to convert to perm
  • Used when there is limited budget but a strong personnel need in a particular area
  • Rate is generally lower because it is not marked up to offset a conversion fee 

Exempt Hourly
O/T Exempt Hourly Workers

  • Used for specialized hires who are hourly but exempt from O/T
  • Usually non-technical roles such as a bookkeepers, retail line managers, indirect sales etc.

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